Special Order Cake Pops

Special order Cake Pops are pops which have hand-drawn patterns,  have special colors, are shaped, have multi-toned colors, have multiple colors or multiple flavors within a dozen.               

Red White & Blue 4th of July Pops ($26/doz)


Bunny & Balls 6 Pack Vanilla Cake Pops (11.99)


Black Cat 6 pack Yellow Cake, Cake Pops ($15)


Baby King & Queen Pops Vanilla ($24/doz)


Christmas Tree Red Velvet Pops ($27/doz)


Hearts & Balls Red Velvet  Cake Pops($24/doz)


Candy Corn Vanilla Pops (27/doz)


Eye C U Chocolate Cake Pops ($24/doz)


Mummy Pops Vanilla ($24/doz)


Mummy Pops Chocolate ($24/doz)


Long stem/stick Flower Strawberry Cake Pops Bouquet ($35)